I’m Alison, the face behind Mountain Fern Florals. I’ve been flowering for over four years, and it all started in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. I’m now flowering in San Francisco + throughout the Bay Area.

Floral design allows me to display the natural world through art form. Staying true to my roots, Mountain Fern will always draw inspiration from the Appalachian mountains. I incorporate locally foraged flowers, foliage, and other elements into my designs for textural and organic movement. Whether I'm creating in the mountains of Tennessee or on the coast of California, I’m always designing with local flora in mind to tie the designs to the natural landscape.

Flowers are a living medium that can completely transform a space, bringing so much happiness and beauty with them. Let me create some flower magic for you.


@2019 by Mountain Fern Florals

Flowering in The Bay Area